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EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Outdoor fence murals painted in our studio and delivered to you is the easiest way to enjoy art in your outdoor spaces. 

1. choose art

2. choose stain

3. relax & enjoy

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Fence Mural Gallery


Colorful Leaves

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All our fence murals are inspired by nature observed by the artists. Our goal is to CAPTURE these beautiful moments and let them live on through our art. We regularly involve our friends and family in our process through regular art updates and requests for feedback. 

What we love about our backyard fence murals is that they allow us to use different artistic skills in the development of a single piece. We enjoy learning new skills and adding them to our DESIGN process to help highlight the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

We digitally design and cut all our fence mural stencils from our own photography. Because we own the process from start to finish, we can CRAFT one-of-a-kind designs that fully capture the natural scenes that inspire our work.  It also gives us the ability to offer custom designs for our #lovemybackyard fans. 

Color can do wonders for your mood and overall wellbeing. Even in the winter months, our wood fence murals bring the awe-inspiring vibrancy of nature into your spaces for year-round enjoyment. Painting flowers and their friends ensures a wide variety of amazing color.  PAINT some happy in your life . Check out the collections, find what speaks to your inner calm, and enjoy. 


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We use high-quality, 25 year Olympic Elite brand semi-transparent wood stain from our local Home Depot. We currently offer three stain colors:

  1. Atlas Cedar (light pine color)

  2. American Chestnut (medium brown with red tones)

  3. Wenge (Dark Brown)

Please contact us for additional stain options. 

Stain Matching

Its not perfect...

We've chosen stain colors that are not only popular but also versatile. From our experience, having an exact match is not crucial nor possible. The nice thing about wood is various tones go together nicely. Stain applied to different types of wood and different thicknesses can have an impact on the final color so an exact match should not be expected, even if your fence is stained with the same colors we use. How long ago it stained and how much sun exposure it has had can also impact the color. So just get it close and we're sure you will LOVE it. 

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Olymic Elite Stain Colors Shade with text.jpg


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